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Valentine Glass Bubble - Love Rose Pipe

The valentine glass bubble also known as love rose pipe is used to breath in or smoke your blned. The valentine glass bubble pipe is also known as love rose, straight shooters, steams, blasters or horns. How it works?  By acting as a reduction base and flow modulator, the valentine glass bubble is helping the user to heat up the snuff, up to the point where is turend into vapors which are inhaled. In other words, this love rose pipe will assist you inhale your favorite snuff.

This valantine glass bubble pipe or love rose pipe is made from qigh quality boro glass which can endure high temperatures without cracking,  is 4" long and at one end has a glass bubble or bowl. The glass bubble has the size of a gum ball, and features a small opening on the top, where the blend is inserted. The love rose pipe has a 0.3 cm glass thickness, which ensures long life time and no cracks.

Inside the glass tube you will see a pink flower love or love rose which begins from the mouth piece and ends inside the glass bobble (bowl). The love roses inside the valentine glass bubble are made from a special material which will not deform or eliminate toxins when thelove rose pipe is in use. This valentine glass bubble pipe or love rose pipe can be a valentine gift for your loved one.

Valentine Glass Bubble Features:

  • Glass pipe length: 4 inches (10.5 cm);
  • Bowl diameter: 2.5 cm;
  • Glass thickness: 0.3 cm;
  • Glass material: highest grade borosilicate glass;
  • Mouthpiece glass diameter: 1.2 cm;
  • Flower glass bubble color: pink with white tips;

valentine glass flower love bubble rose or glass flower pipe


Only on ValentineGlassBubble.com you will find this glass pipe at this incredible price. We have wholesale prices, starting from $8.49 for 5 glass pipes that is about $1.69 per unit! Buy more love rose pipes and we will drop the prices even more:

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